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 **Official COD:Z Community Playdate Info**

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PostSubject: **Official COD:Z Community Playdate Info**   Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:22 pm

Alright everyone seeing the success of the first Community Playdate we have decided to keep things rolling by having one every month. Very Happy . But we have made some changes. We will be having new times for the event. 3pm - 7pm will be all for playing zombies. 8pm - ?? will be all for playing multiplayer .

So..... details!

1st Saturday of each month
3pm-7pm - zombies zombie 10
8pm- ?? - MP Sniper

As like last time here is how to sign up,

To sign up,
Xbox members send a f/r to CODZ XBL. Be online at 3pm ( for zombies, it might fill up fast) and anytime after 8pm for some MP and look for an invite from xMinus81x, carbonfibah, Covert Gunman, shri046.

And for PS3 users send a f/r to xxCrazzyGuyxx and reaperTGR and new edition to the PS3 team willis575. Be online at 3pm to get a spot in some zombies! and be on anytime after 8pm and look for invites from me or him for some MP!

Note: these times are all central!

Thanks go to xxCrazzyGuyxx for the write-up.

Now, we did have some issues with members not following some of the custom match rules. This may have been due to not listening or the fact that everyone felt like talking at the same time. So, to hopefully prevent that in the future.....a few basic rules/guidelines. Smile

1. Proper online lobby etiquette
Be mature. no yelling, profanity, racism...

2. Please don't talk all at once
This makes it very difficult for the host to find out how everyone feels about certain custom
match rules and to communicate the match rules to everyone in the lobby.

3. Listen to the host and abide by the game rules
We all attend these playdates to just relax and have fun with other members. Playing
"custom matches" is a welcome change from the normal public matches we all play. If
the group decides on "bolts only" or "pistols only", please follow them. It's not fun for alot of
people going into a "knife fight" only to get gunned down by an SMG.

4. No complaining
Again, we're here to have fun. Please don't complain about certain match rules,
gametype or someone using a certain weapon/perk/class setup you don't like. Just play,
have fun and look forward to the next match.

Please follow these rules/guidelines and have fun at the same time.....that's why these playdates have been set up for anyways. We don't want to kick people from the parties, but if it needs to be done, well........

On the brighter side, We look forward to seeing more of you at the next one, Sept. 5!!! cheers

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**Official COD:Z Community Playdate Info**

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