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 Zombie Strategy: Get to lv. 30+

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With this strategy, what lv. did you get to?
I got to lv 15-20
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I got to lv 21-25
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I got to lv 26 and up
 100% [ 2 ]
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PostSubject: Zombie Strategy: Get to lv. 30+   Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:11 pm

As you start you have your pistol, and 2 grenades.

For the beggining of the 1st 4 rounds

Round 1: DO NOT SHOOT YOUR PISTOL! Knife only and let them inside. ( Alternate - 8 shots + knife for max point kill but save your colt ammo for tougher zombies for better points)

Round 2: Use all 4 grenades! knife once from outside the window, then knife again when they go through the barrier. ( Usually there is a nuke in this round if you let all the zombies in )

Round 3: Use the 2 nades you get for achieving to the next round ( Unless you have max ammo use 4 ). Shoot a clip and 2 shots and knife will give you max points for one zombie.

Round 4: Insta Kill and Double points time usually.. Clip + 8 shots w/ colt + knife for max point kill.

Round 5: You should be running to the random box now ( hopefully you don't have dogs) ....

I would go buy a Gewehr. ( With the Gewehr - # of rounds = # of shots + Knife for max point kill )....


Ok so by now you have -
Colts and Gewehrs? Check
Left door ( Animal Lab ) open? - Check
Hanger closed? - Check
Lab Teleporter door open? - Its optional
Power on? - it should be...
At the random box? - you better be!
Ready to fight Fluffys puppies? - YOU WILL BE SOLDIER

Round 6-10 -

Grab what ever weapons your getting from the random box and stay at the random weapon box 1ST SPAWN.

If the random box spawns behind you - DONT OPEN THE DOOR YET, just do with what you have

if you got crap..well get a trenchgun or MP40 if you unlocked the teleporter room

Now...dont tell me you went for the Juggernaug...after you grab it, its your permanent health...as in...you DONT recover...( it just looks hardcore when you get shot and dont die and you screen still clears of a red color )

BUT your welcome to buy Speed - Double - or Quick Perks!

Round 10-15 -

Ill make it easy to explain but - try to open all doors EXCEPT the door that is between the Double Barrel and Thompson ( The one that has the electric barrier )

Go where? - the Balcony in the back of the map

Now...weapons from the wall are becoming more useless oh boy...Did you guys get a HMG or Wunder weapon?

Round 15-XX -

Upgrade those weapons you earn!

I still expect you on that balcony and such

If you start running into trouble...

Round XX-DEATH -

At the beggining of EACH round everyone group at the middle and wait for zombies to start entering, when the do...GO LEFT through the lab and to the back of the map ( where the balcony is ) and fight the chasing zombies.

(Why start at the begging? - Zombies spawn where you are closest to, unlike Nache and Verruct. So the zombies will start there and chase you there so when you run, zombies shouldnt spawn infront for a sandwich tactic on you. The zombies pile up while chasing you and you Waffle, shoot, blast i dont care which )

One MUST watch left ( the underground ) other forward

If your in trouble Teleport, if a man is down and is in the teleporter with you, they will teleport with you

Now go left again, the zombies will chase you by climbing the gate in the middle....making time to see if a power up spawns or to run left.

While running left you can throw gernades at them from the hallway like path on your 1st right before running into the lab

Run through the lab and go across the bride to the teleporter with the 2 silos.

The window infront of you is for Monkey Bomb throwing purposes, throw one out the window to the bottom floor if needed ( Max ammos usually or a teamate goes down but not near the teleporter )

Not dead yet? grr...

Teleport AGAIN if needed and go ( you guessed it Left ) to the teleporter farthest left of you ( animal testing teleporter ) and hold out there again, maybe start the eletric barriar if you wish to spare ammo

Teleport again if needed

THIS time, the zombies are left, right? now go right and through the FG42 way to the Far teleporter and continue this process.

If you run out of ammo and you got LOTS of points - RECYCLE ( AKA: trade in weapon for the same weapon if it appears again for max ammo )

Optional - Use Juggernaut if you must at the 20+ levels, if you get hit a lot and somehow your still alive, Down yourself and buy another juggernaug for ACTUAL replenished health

Questions will be answered here -

Hope this works!
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie Strategy: Get to lv. 30+   Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:27 pm

Juggernog is actual health, not upped?
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Zombie Strategy: Get to lv. 30+

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